Oct 302019

Hey, guys!

We are excited and proud to announce our new game in the making! Vaporum: Lockdown is a prequel to our first game Vaporum and it’s coming out in early 2020, and will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game expands on everything that made the first game good, including more menacing enemy types, broadened skill trees, new gadgets, plenty of new unique items, and original puzzles and mechanics.

Vaporum: Lockdown follows the story of Lisa Teller, a teleport operator & scientist, who struggles to survive the aftermath of a terrible event.

You will encounter even nastier enemies with unique strengths and attack patterns. To beat them, you will have to employ a broad array of weapons, gadgets, upgrades, and smart tactics.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of new powerful toys to play with. Brand new weapon types, each with a specific use, many new unique weapons, synergistic armor pieces, gadgets that allow you to raise your own army of underlings or to manipulate the battlefield, boosters, and more.

Prepare to solve new kinds of puzzles and hazards, using new interactive elements, which will test both your wits and reflexes. The overall storyline will have you piecing together a solution to the main obstacle, where the individual pieces are spread over several levels. You will learn a lot more about the world and its inhabitants through voiced dialogs, phonodiaries, and written notes.

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Stay tuned for more info!

Jun 112019

Hey, guys!

We picked another bit of lore from the world of Vaporum, a piece of newspapers that dates 95 years after the last entry. In the article, the Supreme Bureau celebrates a hundred years of existence and iron rule over most of the known world.

May 242019

Hey, guys!

Some time ago, we mentioned that we were working on patches for consoles. Tomorrow (May 25, 2019) at around 3 PM CEST, a patch for Nintendo Switch will go live.

Patch Notes:

  • Tweak: The whole UI and font size increased to be much more readable, especially in handheld mode.
  • Tweak: Tweaked movement sensitivity to prevent overstepping and overturning.
  • Fix: The “Load Last Save” button sometimes loads a random save instead of the last one.
  • Fix: When making very frequent quicksaves, sometimes the game crashes.

The patch for PS4 is coming soon.

Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

May 072019

Hey, guys!

Since Vaporum was released on Switch and PS4, we have gathered a lot of feedback from you, including some issues.

We are preparing patches for each platform to solve the following problems (the patches will go live in the coming days / weeks):

  • All Consoles:
    • Tweaked movement and turning sensitivity to prevent “overstepping” and “overturning”.
  • Switch / PS4:
    • Small, hard to read font: We are enlarging the font and the UI elements to make all text much easier to read, especially on smaller screens.
  • Switch:
    • Load Last Save issue: The “Load Last Save” button sometimes does not load the logical last save you’ve made. Will be fixed.
  • PS4:
    • Crash on save: The game sometimes crashes when you try to save. We are communicating with the porting house & Sony, but it’s not yet 100% clear when this will get fixed.
    • Workaround: In the meantime, there is a known workaround to fix the problem — you simply need to rebuild your database. Here is a guide on how to do that.

Thank you for all the feedback and support!

Mar 292019

Vaporum is on a pre-order sale right now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (20% discount)!

You can pre-order the XB1 version here.

You can pre-order the Switch version here.

Physical, boxed versions are also available now for Nintendo Switch:

Standard Edition for €34.99 Signature Edition for €49.99

Here’s the official release timeline for Vaporum on each console:

Nintendo Switch April 11th, 2019 ($24.99 / €24.99 / £19.99)
Xbox One April 10th, 2019 ($24.99 / €24.99 / £19.99)
PlayStation 4 EU April 10th, 2019 (€24.99 / £19.99)
PlayStation 4 NA April 9th, 2019 ($24.99)
Mar 212019

Hey, guys!

It’s hard these days to get through to our existing and potential future fans. Let’s build a closer relationship!

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Thank you!

Feb 192019

Hey, guys!

Patch time! A big one this time!

We’ve been silent for a long time now because we’ve been hard at work on porting Vaporum to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. As that work is mostly done, we were able to put our attention back to the desktop version again.

Apart from smaller bugfixes that we found ourselves or that you guys reported to us, there is a whole host of optimizations and improvements going in with this patch.

For the game to work on the consoles at our expected standards, we had to dive deep under the hood and optimize lots of stuff. While some of these changes are specific to specific console targets, most are universal and will bring performance benefits to desktop targets as well. As a result, the game should perform better on any hardware, on any OS, and takes about 40% less space on your disk.

As always, we’ve been listening to all the feedback on our forums, and so we added new game options you guys asked for, and fixed issues you reported to us.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Added an option to toggle head bobbing while moving. Motion sickness no more!
  • Added an option to toggle Stop Time Mode sounds.
  • Added options to toggle audiovisual indicators when you’re low on health.
  • Added an option to set the type of your controller. This should fix, hopefully, all issues with controllers. If your controller doesn’t work the way you’d expect, this setting will force the game to make the controller behave. 🙂
  • Improved the performance when reapplying the same skill to the player over and over (acid pool and such effects).
  • Improved the performance of the auto-map and the GUI overall.
  • Improved the performance of animations, some visual effects, and post-processes.
  • Improved culling to increase performance.
  • Improved overall rendering performance.
  • Reduced the disk space the game takes by about 40%.
  • Fixed: Tooltips hide when you move items between containers and your inventory.
  • Fixed the cursor misbehavior when the supersampling setting is not set to 1.0.
  • Fixed a few issues in localization.
  • Fixed: The button after the flame turret in L05 (The Riddle of Steel) can sometimes get you stuck, closing the door behind you, with no way to open the door again.
  • Fixed: Some controllers may crash the game.
  • Fixed: When you move into a hole in the Stop Time Mode, you don’t fall. 😀
  • Fixed: Some “bloody” effects still show up when the Gore setting is set to off.
  • Fixed: Shock Spider’s light shines through walls.

Enjoy! 🙂

Nov 152018

Today, we bring you another piece from the world Vaporum takes place in. It’s about how the Supreme Bureau strengthened its position five years after usurping power over the Great Island Union.

Oct 162018

The world of Vaporum is not only comprised of the mysterious tower somewhere in the middle of an ocean. The Arx Vaporum (the Tower) is just one part of a larger world, and various bits and hints on this world lie hidden in the tower’s depths, in the form of readable notes and audio phonodiaries, waiting to be found by the players.

In an unexplained way, we just received a scrap book filled with snippets of newspapers from that world. Maybe a teleportation system malfunction…?! There’s no explanation of that in the snippets. However, thanks to them, we can take a peek into this world. A world ruled by a strictly bureaucratic, science-powered government of the Supreme Bureau. The oldest snippet comes from almost 120 years before the events of Vaporum, from the time when the Supreme Bureau just assumed power.

Oct 032018

Hey, guys!

Just a small patch for Linux only this time.

Some controllers on Linux could crash the game, as reported here. This is a Unity bug, which we can’t fix ourselves, but we created a workaround. If you happen to have such a controller, the game will not crash anymore, but if you wish to use the controller, you will have to change one setting by hand.

The game should warn you about the issue on start. If so, go to the Vaporum/Settings/GameSettings.yaml file and change the ControllerType to either XboxOne or PS4, according to your preferences. The controller should work as expected.

In case you want to know, the valid values for the setting are:

  • None: Disables the controller support.
  • Autodetect: The game will try to detect what controller type you have. This is the default setting.
  • XboxOne: Enables the Xbox One & Xbox 360 controller support and scheme.
  • PS4: Enables the PlayStation 4 controller support and scheme.

Note: The XboxOne and PS4 settings should work fine with most other controllers.

Enjoy! 🙂