Nov 212017

Hey guys!

Got a small patch with some fixes and tweaks you’ve been asking for. A bigger patch with some cool stuff is on the way, but we thought we’d put up this smaller update in the meantime.

Patch notes:

  • Added a direction damage indicator so you can see where the damage is coming from.
  • Increased the max FOV to 150. Note that values above 135 will likely cause visual glitches (this also depends on the screen ratio).
  • Fixed missing names for some keyboard keys. NOTE: Please make sure your controls work after the patch, as some of the hotkeys might get unassigned. You just need to reassign them once more.
  • Other small fixes.

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: You can always find all the patch notes in your Vaporum folder in a text form. In case we fail to make an announcement like yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

Nov 022017

Hey guys!

We know it took a lot more time than it should have, for which we are sorry, but it’s finally here! In today’s patch (Patch #2), we bring you 9 new languages: Chinese (simplified), Czech, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish.

Apart from these official languages, we also bring you the ability to write your own localization! Go to Vaporum/Localization and read the ReadMe.txt for info on how to start. We appreciate any feedback on the localization so if you find a typo, incorrect wording, or anything, feel free to tell us, and we will fix it for the next patch. In the coming days, we will also enable Steam Workshop so you will be able to upload and download localization files easily.

Along with the languages, we also updated the game. Here are the patch notes:

  • Added 9 official languages: Slovak, Czech, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified).
  • Added the ability to write community localizations. Head to the Localization folder and read the help file for more info.
  • Improved organic hit sounds to sound more meaty and impactful.
  • Added difficulty change prompt when you die a lot in a short time.
  • Tweaked: Emergency Braces module will now also activate when you’re below the threshold when it comes off cooldown. Previously, this only activated when taking damage.
  • Tweaked: Drainer gadgets now heal you for a portion of your max integrity, with a hard cap, instead of flat heal. Previously, you could abuse the system to get a lot more healing. Check this post for more info. Thanks motorbit!
  • Fixed: In some cases, the automap may remain disabled even after returning from the teleport chambers in the Arx Vaporum level.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, in the last room of Creepy Little Things, when you teleport back, the door remains closed and you cannot go back.
  • Fixed: The chest with coal on platform in Boiling Point sometimes glitches, falling down.
  • Lots of other small fixes.

Thank you!