Jul 302018

Hey guys, we have a big update for you today!

Vaporum is now available on Mac! We have also added a few game tips to clarify some game mechanics and fixed quite a few bugs.

Patch Notes

  • Added Mac support.
  • Added a few game tips to clarify some mechanics & interactions. This is also due to the upcoming controller support.
  • Added a “Toggle HUD” button (default: F4). You can use this to make HUD-less screenshots.
  • Fixed issues in Slovak, Japanese, and Chinese localization.
  • Fixed: While you’re in the process of dying and a game tip shows up, the game crashes.
  • Fixed item container size.
  • Fixed tooltips for Fumium Capacitor, Combat Fuse, Tech Fuse, Toughness Fuse, and Cicruit Upgrade.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Enjoy! 🙂