Feb 192019

Hey, guys!

Patch time! A big one this time!

We’ve been silent for a long time now because we’ve been hard at work on porting Vaporum to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. As that work is mostly done, we were able to put our attention back to the desktop version again.

Apart from smaller bugfixes that we found ourselves or that you guys reported to us, there is a whole host of optimizations and improvements going in with this patch.

For the game to work on the consoles at our expected standards, we had to dive deep under the hood and optimize lots of stuff. While some of these changes are specific to specific console targets, most are universal and will bring performance benefits to desktop targets as well. As a result, the game should perform better on any hardware, on any OS, and takes about 40% less space on your disk.

As always, we’ve been listening to all the feedback on our forums, and so we added new game options you guys asked for, and fixed issues you reported to us.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Added an option to toggle head bobbing while moving. Motion sickness no more!
  • Added an option to toggle Stop Time Mode sounds.
  • Added options to toggle audiovisual indicators when you’re low on health.
  • Added an option to set the type of your controller. This should fix, hopefully, all issues with controllers. If your controller doesn’t work the way you’d expect, this setting will force the game to make the controller behave. 🙂
  • Improved the performance when reapplying the same skill to the player over and over (acid pool and such effects).
  • Improved the performance of the auto-map and the GUI overall.
  • Improved the performance of animations, some visual effects, and post-processes.
  • Improved culling to increase performance.
  • Improved overall rendering performance.
  • Reduced the disk space the game takes by about 40%.
  • Fixed: Tooltips hide when you move items between containers and your inventory.
  • Fixed the cursor misbehavior when the supersampling setting is not set to 1.0.
  • Fixed a few issues in localization.
  • Fixed: The button after the flame turret in L05 (The Riddle of Steel) can sometimes get you stuck, closing the door behind you, with no way to open the door again.
  • Fixed: Some controllers may crash the game.
  • Fixed: When you move into a hole in the Stop Time Mode, you don’t fall. 😀
  • Fixed: Some “bloody” effects still show up when the Gore setting is set to off.
  • Fixed: Shock Spider’s light shines through walls.

Enjoy! 🙂

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