Oct 162018

The world of Vaporum is not only comprised of the mysterious tower somewhere in the middle of an ocean. The Arx Vaporum (the Tower) is just one part of a larger world, and various bits and hints on this world lie hidden in the tower’s depths, in the form of readable notes and audio phonodiaries, waiting to be found by the players.

In an unexplained way, we just received a scrap book filled with snippets of newspapers from that world. Maybe a teleportation system malfunction…?! There’s no explanation of that in the snippets. However, thanks to them, we can take a peek into this world. A world ruled by a strictly bureaucratic, science-powered government of the Supreme Bureau. The oldest snippet comes from almost 120 years before the events of Vaporum, from the time when the Supreme Bureau just assumed power.

Oct 032018

Hey, guys!

Just a small patch for Linux only this time.

Some controllers on Linux could crash the game, as reported here. This is a Unity bug, which we can’t fix ourselves, but we created a workaround. If you happen to have such a controller, the game will not crash anymore, but if you wish to use the controller, you will have to change one setting by hand.

The game should warn you about the issue on start. If so, go to the Vaporum/Settings/GameSettings.yaml file and change the ControllerType to either XboxOne or PS4, according to your preferences. The controller should work as expected.

In case you want to know, the valid values for the setting are:

  • None: Disables the controller support.
  • Autodetect: The game will try to detect what controller type you have. This is the default setting.
  • XboxOne: Enables the Xbox One & Xbox 360 controller support and scheme.
  • PS4: Enables the PlayStation 4 controller support and scheme.

Note: The XboxOne and PS4 settings should work fine with most other controllers.

Enjoy! 🙂