Mar 172016

Hey guys! Just a quick update on what we’ve been up to lately.

We did a focus test where we invited various people to come to play our combat test, most of them never having played the game before. We needed to see if we’re on the right track with the real-time combat, melee vs ranged, and various other features in it. Receiving basically universal praise from the testers boosted our confidence in that we had made the right decisions. Of course, the guys also pointed out some flaws, which we quickly fixed after the test was over.


We have about half of all planned enemies in the game, fully functional, running around doing nasty things (mostly to the player). The focus test proved we already have a solid bunch of bad guys where each has different strengths and weaknesses, poses different types of threats, and requires a different approach to beat (lots of differents, eh?).


All basic building bricks like trapdoors, pushable crates, destructibles, levers, teleports, and such are done. We also have a solid design on all the puzzles and game situations, which we build out of these basic bricks.

Inventory, items, and basic RPG system are also fully functional. We have several levels designed on paper, with major puzzles, situations, and storytelling. Our custom level editor allows us to whip up all the corridors, halls, and rooms in no time, so that’s gonna be a blast!

Right now, we are:

  • Enriching our RPG system with all sorts of attributes, skills, talents, traits, and whatnot.
  • Building up GUI so you can play with all the RPG goodies with ease.
  • Adding more enemy types.
  • Adding wallsets and architectural gems.
  • Designing more levels and ways to screw the player. 😉
  • Designing boss encounters, plus the final big boss showdown.

We don’t post often, but rest assured we use all the time to work on the game.

Discuss in our reddit or other social media, share, and have a nice one!