Nov 252015


Sorry to be quiet for so long. We’ve decided to post only about highlights or milestones rather than churning out insignificant posts often. Saved time will always come in handy! Nevertheless, we’ve been working hard on various game systems, levels, and some goodies too.

One of which is the Flamer Guardian. This badass giant of a man has few weaknesses, but a lot of firepower. As with most of our enemies, you will need to devise a tactic to beat him rather than just banging at his thick armor head on.


The Guardian is based on the concept art by Roman Mindek, who is currently working full-time on Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Check his portfolio here!

The big guy is modelled, rigged & animated by our in-house character artist Lukas Chrapek (who is also a big guy 😉 ). Lukas is in charge of the technical side of graphics, besides his bread-and-butter work of character-modelling, rigging, and animating. He previously worked on various projects as a freelancer. Before joining the Vaporum team, he worked at Keen Software House as full-time lead artist on Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. You can check out his portfolio here.

We have moved to PBR workflow in our project, and Lukas made a damn good use of it on the Guardian. Take a look at the Flamer Guardian in all his glory in Marmoset Viewer here.

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